EPC, Process Equipment & Skids Packing

If you're wondering how to pack it, we've got something in mind.

We have gained years of experience in packing for the EPC and process industry. The high level of customization and uniqueness in each cargo requires critical know-how and impromptu decision making skills which come only with experience.

Generally along with primary cargo there are also a large number of structural items which need to be packed optimally for protection as well as lifting.

After packing, it is equally critical to ensure proper lashing and choking – in containers as well as over dimensional cargo (ODC). The non-uniform nature of the cargo requires solid securing to avoid any damages while transportation. We have well trained persons for lashing and securing. Our lashing material is certified and in compliance with global standards. If lashing of your cargo is not satisfactory, the captain of the ship can refuse to accept the cargo on his ship – that’s how important lashing is!

We have experience in packing of following type of cargo:

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