Packaging Consultancy

We are one of the very few companies that provide consultancy for industrial packing. Industrial packing has not been given great importance in India till the last few years. Hence there is a huge scope of improvement. We provide our consultancy in following areas:

  • Innovation: Latest innovations in packing and lashing materials and methodologies have facilitated better quality at a reduced cost.
  • Cost Reduction: It’s interesting how several companies are paying such high costs because they have not adopted the correct material and design.
  • Cost Audit: We help organizations understand their per unit packing cost. We also review the packing processes and identify opportunities to cut cost
  • Improved Packing: We suggest optimal, fit-for-purpose packing design keeping in mind the nature of your product, lifting and handling, duration and environment of storage, mode of transportation.
  • Green Packing: If reduction of wood in packing is your company’s goal, we can help you with that

We provide our packaging service to several multinational companies. This enables us constantly learn and improve on our knowledge in the field of packing and lashing.

As exclusive Indian partner to International Packing & Routing Organiztion (INPRO) we work closely with our partners in over 15 countries and are updated with the latest global best practices in the field of packing and lashing.

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