Wooden Boxes, Pallets, Saddles

Hirji Logipack is a specialist in seaworthy, fit for purpose packing solutions for industrial and export cargo of all kinds. Our wooden packing material for export is treated as per ISPM 15 (Heat Treatment or Fumigation with Methyl Bromide). Some of our products and services include

  • Wooden Boxes, Crates and Pallets (Pinewood, Plywood, Junglewood, Rubberwood)
  • Complete Seaworthy Packing
  • Wooden Bracketing, Bundling, Skidding
  • Wooden Saddles
  • Wooden and Steel combination packing
  • Reusable wooden boxes
  • Pallet Collars

We can design the packing as per global packing standards including German HPE Verpackungsrichtlinie and French SEILA (Syndicat de l'Emballage Industriel et de la Logistique AssociƩe)

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