Factory Relocation

From single machinery moves to complete factory relocation, Hirji Logipack executes proper packing and tagging to ensure secure movements and easy reassembly at destination.

We offer the expertise, track record and peace of mind for packing of all high-value, delicate and over-dimensional (ODC) capital equipment to be moved within India and overseas.

For many companies plant relocation is an intimidating task which needs perfect planning for successful execution. Some of the challenges faced in relocations is:

  • Any mistake/damage in equipment can cause delays in recommissioning at the new site which directly leads to loss of production and hence loss of revenue – each day delayed is one day of revenue lost
  • For old capital equipment, it might be difficult to get spare parts from the OEM. So if anything is damaged in transit, then the lead time to get new parts and repair it could be very long
  • Without proper identification, labelling and marking of packed cargo there could be a huge mess at the new site. It would be a jigsaw puzzle and recommissioning could be a nightmare
  • Lifting arrangements at old site and new site as well as lifting points on the equipment might not always be optimal. Proper packing has to be designed taking this into consideration

In short, optimal packing is of prime importance for relocations. It can minimize the above mentioned challenges.

Having handled multiple factory relocations within India, as well as to Africa and Europe, we have the know-how to handle such large projects with great precision.

As exclusive Indian partner to International Packing & Routing Organization (INPRO) we work closely with our partners in over 18 countries. These are the best industrial packing companies in their countries and assure uniform packing quality globally. If you need packing service to relocate a factory from any of these countries we can provide it.

Turn-key Factory Relocation

We have also handled turn-key factory relocation projects in which along with packing we have also provided trucking, customs clearance, ocean freight and final delivery to the destination. The main benefits of this are:

  • One point of contact for complete end to end relocation plan
  • Minimize downtime and disruption to your business activities
  • Customized, optimal design of packing for your equipment to minimize logistics costs and avoid wastage of container and truck space
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