Shrink Wrapping

Our imported shrink wrap (from Dr. Shrink Inc, USA) is formulated from premium grade polyethylene, UV inhibitors, and other additives which are designed to resist degradation due to sunlight, rain, chemicals, and heat. It is suited for heavy-duty applications where excellent two directional shrink properties and toughness is required.

The Dr. Difference - Unbeatable Protection in all Climates: Dr. Shrink's Extreme Shrink Wrap-- Proven products that perform from Point Barrow, Alaska, to the North Sea, to desert temperatures of the Middle East, to the subtropical climate of Australia, to the tip of South Africa--it's part of the Dr. Difference.

Shrink wrap does not wear and tear like tarpaulin after a few months in rain & sun nor does it fly away with wind

Benefits of Our Shrink Wrap

  • Complete protection against weather damage: Our shrink wrap is waterproof and can be sealed around entire units to eliminate any weather related losses.
  • Easy application: By using the logical steps to install our shrink wrap, you will find it easier to shrink wrap large items than tarpaulin.
  • Shrink wrap will not chafe or damage covered products: When properly applied, shrink wrap will not move or chafe like heavy, dirty tarpaulins can when covering loads being transported or stored.
  • Eliminate moisture and mildew problems: Shrink wrap covers can be ventilated to eliminate moisture and mildew problems. We also offer our specialty “Corrosion Inhibiting” shrinks wrap & stretch wrap that keeps corrosion from forming on ferrous & non-ferrous metals.
  • Zipper access doors: Offers zipper access doors for entry into the covers without cutting or removing the shrink wrap.
  • Shrink wrap is cost effective: Our durable, UV protected shrink wrap is only pennies per square foot and provides superb protection against the elements.

Our Shrink wrap is available in widths from 12 feet upto 40 feet without joints and thickness up to 12 mil (i.e. 300 micron)

Industry Standards

  • ASTM D4397-91
  • ASTM D4635-91 Type 1, 2 & 3; Surface 2; Finish 1

Government Standards

  • Federal Specification LP-378 Type 1 & 2; Class 1; Grade B; Finish 1
  • Federal Specification LP-390 Type 1; class L; Grade 1 or 2; Category 4
  • Federal Specification LP-512 Type 1; Class L; Grade 1 or 2
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