Benefits of Packaging

Before goods become cargo, they must be correctly packed. What does "correctly packed" or “fit-for-purpose packaging” mean?

Packaging must protect the goods against the expected stresses. Every means of transport generates its own specific climatic and mechanical stresses. To design the correct packaging, it is necessary to know the route that the cargo is to take. Knowledge of the route makes it possible to identify the different climate zones and the acceleration forces of the different means of transport that need to be catered for.

Fit-for-purpose packaging

Packaging is fit for purpose if it ensures that the packaged goods arrive at the recipient undamaged, taking into consideration the transport, handling and storage loads and stresses, shipping route & duration and the transport load profile. Fit-for-purpose packaging has to be an optimal balance between packaging robustness, packaging cost and time required for packaging.

Benefits of proper packaging

Not only does proper packaging have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line, its professional presentation and appearance also helps build your reputation as a supplier.

Some key benefits of proper packaging are:

  • Avoid claims and liabilities arising from damage caused to goods due to poor packaging.
  • Build and sustain reputation as a supplier - Packaging is the first thing that your client sees. Hence proper packaging with a professional appearance is important in building reputation and branding.
  • Protect cargo from theft and various mechanical, climatic, biotic and chemical stresses.
  • Facilitate efficient loading, transportation and storage to enable optimized supply chain management.
  • Ensure integrity of sensitive cargo

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